Are you building in the dark? A precursor of our upcoming report (part 1)

More projects, more complexity, more risks

“Projects across Australia are getting larger and increasingly complex and will require new approaches if they are to be effectively delivered. So-called mega-projects — projects larger than $1 billion in value — are becoming the default, increasing the burden on the sector, and in some cases exceeding industry capacity.”

2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit

When COVID-19 hit

There was a raft of risks brought to the forefront. In our own quick survey last year, we asked our webinar participants these questions.

The nth COVID peak

This year, with many countries battling the second or third COVID-19 wave, including Australia, is this pandemic no longer a true “black swan risk event?

Are you building in the dark?

We wouldn’t be solving the right problems without firstly asking the right questions.



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