Are you building in the dark? A precursor of our upcoming report (part 1)

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More projects, more complexity, more risks

“Projects across Australia are getting larger and increasingly complex and will require new approaches if they are to be effectively delivered. So-called mega-projects — projects larger than $1 billion in value — are becoming the default, increasing the burden on the sector, and in some cases exceeding industry capacity.”

“The Prime Minister, federal Treasurer, and state infrastructure ministers were worried that there weren’t enough workers, materials, and machinery for the massive construction workload.”

“This means that some project owners are being forced to choose between paying more for a consortium of experienced local companies, taking a risk by accepting inexperienced players or bringing in foreign competitors; a difficult balance.”

“Many organisations feel significant pressure to save costs by continuing to outsourcebusiness activities, even when they have credible concerns about process failures or loss of control.”

When COVID-19 hit

The nth COVID peak

Are you building in the dark?



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