Construction industry operating in the dark amid supply chains risks

With every network comes risk: Supply chain risk

Last year Felix, a leading enterprise procurement platform, commissioned boutique construction consultancy entwine to research this issue of supply chain risk. The findings are available in the recently released report ‘ Building in the Dark ‘ and make for interesting, albeit, at times alarming, reading.

The stakes are higher than ever

While there is a recognition of certain risks outside the traditional paradigm of time, cost and quality, including modern slavery, fraud, corruption, or the black economy, these remain deprioritised against the ‘here and now’ of immediate project delivery — programme can even trump quality.

Technology adoption key driver for risk management

With greater visibility of the network, comes improved risk management — this yields better outcomes across multiple measures — efficiency of delivery, quality of asset, a more ethical industry — all wins for Australia, and beyond.

A call for action

The industry landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, and the risks lying in construction supply chains are multifaceted and complex. There is a need for a better handle on supply chain risk management and mitigation.



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