Teasing out the questions around third-party risk management in construction

The supply chain uniqueness of asset builders, owners, and managers

Mini question: Do you have visibility into all third parties? What about the extended supply chain?

Back to basics with risk and consequences

Types of risk consequences and examples. Adapted from the CIPS Resilience Model.
Risk domains most likely to be affected during the pandemic. Source: Deloitte

Is there a hierarchy of significance for the type of risk your organisation is willing to take?

What risk topics/domains that are mostly on the minds of industry peers?

“It’s your problem not mine” is no more

Good vs bad

Source: KPMG

Ask and you shall find the answer

What’s the level of urgency for third-party risk management in your organisation?

Are you over-investing in one risk domain and under-investing in others?

Who do you go to for risk-related updates and insights into your supplier base? Do they have all the answers?



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